First Inversion was incorporated by Jeff Walck in NJ in 2000 to provide training and consulting services. Jeff’s experience with FPGA and CPLD based designs goes back much further -- to the early 90’s -- when he worked with Xilinx 3K and 4K series devices. As far back as the mid-80’s he was designing digital logic in ASICs and simple PLDs. Since then he’s been involved in roughly one hundred programmable logic designs. Many of these involved designing the accompanying printed circuit board assembly as well. He has comprehensive and recent experience with the devices and tools of all commonly known FPGA and CPLD vendors, including the largest and most complex devices.

His 30 year career has included tenure at Unisys, AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent, and a number of small and mid-sized companies. During this time, he’s earned 9 patents and numerous corporate awards based on both individual contribution and leadership of multi-discipline teams of 40+. However, since the late 90’s design consulting has been his primary focus.

Jeff’s most recent areas of specialization include:

  • Large Designs / SOC
  • DSP in FPGA logic
  • IP Core interfacing and integration
  • Intra-FPGA packet switching

First Inversion brings powerful and cost-effective engineering talent to your project for two reasons: Firstly, we remain versant with the latest devices, technologies, and tools. Secondly, we have the time-proven intellectual horsepower to quickly absorb design goals and constraints and synthesize a first-class solution.